A lasercut woodblock print depicting mother earth sleeping while a cycle of deforestation and gentrification happens on her surface.

Natural Glitches

Natural Glitches is a sculptural installation exploring the structures of viruses, protozoans and their tendency to create glitches within themselves and their surroundings. Starting out as glitches in a 3D-modeling software, these forms were…

Constructing Nature Print Series

Constructing Nature is an abstracted woodblock series about the balance between the natural and constructed worlds. The work utilizes the idea of “building blocks” in reference to…

An Irrepressible Twist Print Series

An Irrepressible Twist is a print series that explores human connection and pokes fun at the seriousness of traditional portraiture through the use of repetition, humor and process. This is achieved by focusing imagery on a singular person’s interests such as llamas, corn, or cacti and dramatically changing the scale. These monotypes were created by combining intaglio collagraphs with lithography or relief techniques to create unique textures, color combinations…

Alternative Geologies Print Series

Rocks hold slices of time. They are a historical record of events that go further back than our oldest civilizations, and they have experienced planetary changes…

Constructed Collections Print Series

This series explores fragmentation and the ideas associated with a collection. By breaking my intaglio printmaking plates into fragments and organizing them into a composition reminiscent of a collection; specimens emerge, fracture, and visually undergo the beginning stages of sedimentation.

Alternate Landscape Collective Installation

This installation of prints and collages started by exploring the deconstruction and reconstruction of environments. By breaking my printmaking plates into fragments and collaging them with found objects…

Museum Item #15773 Book

Museum Item #15773 is a risographed book that examines the permanence of some of my artistic failures through humor, specimen logic, and a futuristic context. I try to come to terms with the consequences of material permanence through a narrative that takes place 500 years in the future where archeologists are conducting digs through landfills…

Faux Rock Collection

The Faux Rock Collection is a mass producible geological collection that can act as an aesthetic substitute in a dystopian future where there is nothing left to extract. I use everyday materials to embrace the man-made quality of the forms. The remnants of these materials in which some of the pieces are cut out of…

Extraction Print Series

Humans are an eroding force. We physically shape the Earth to retrieve precious remnants held deep within our planet’s crust. Within my prints, I have been separating landscapes into segments based off of geological diagrams…

Acadia Artificial Forest Installation

I have been interested in exploring my personal relationship to nature though the creation of a 6’ x 6’ artificial forest using recycled materials. This artificial forest serves two purposes. First, is it possible to recreate the calming, isolating, and immersive headspace I feel while being out in the woods? And second, what would an artificial forest created hundreds of years in the future after all the trees were cut down look like…

Landscape Understructure

These understructures of my futuristic landscapes function as aesthetic experiences that place the definition of landscape into question and how we examine the environment as a larger system through an ecological blend of the virtual and physical realms.

Futuristic Landscape Propositions

The year is 2213. Earth is no longer habitable due to the long lasting effects of climate change. Humans have always been an eroding force, physically shaping the landscape to retrieve precious remnants held deep within the planets crust. This eroding tendency is still present as humans are in search of a new home, one that blurs and transplants traditional Earth landscapes with alien digital worlds.

Landscape Cultivation

This selection of risographs, screenprints, and archival digital prints form the foundation of a post-anthropocene narrative in which humans rebuild nature in the aftermath of the climate collapse.

Future Artifacts

My work is an archive of objects and printed matter for a post-climate change world. Using specimen logic, landscape theory, isolation, and the glitch to reflect on this future, I question the definition of landscape and how we examine the environment as a larger system. This work calls attention to the barren aftermath of the environmental crisis we now find ourselves in and are destined to face.

Selected Weather Permitting Publications

  Nature has been a spiritual refuge for me to retreat to when I was at my most vulnerable. Many of the publications explore this relationship through narrative, landscape, and the symbolism of the hand.   Lend me a hand WANDER Lost Peel Back I’m in a symbiotic Relationship With my Garden Reclaiming my bed […]

Weather Permitting Exhibition

Weather Permitting is an exhibition of objects and printed matter, primarily in the form of publications that examine my relationship to nature and the idea of nature as both sanctuary and armor.  At a young age, my parents would take my on a hike every Sunday instead of going to church. The hikes acted as […]

Recent Lithographs

These stone and polyester plate lithographs explore ideas associated with faux rocks and how we use them to cover up…

Pocket Gardens

Pocket Gardens is an ongoing project that repurposes leftover or imperfect print material from other projects to create a small pocket-sized piece plot of artificial nature.

Recent Relief Prints

Recent Relief Prints

Selected SCULPTURAL Collages

Selected Sculptural Collages made from printed and found materials.



Bloom Screenprint, Risograph, Paint, Wire, Rocks & Foam A temporary site Specific sculptural installation was commissioned and installed at the “First Thursday A Closer Look” Event at the Fayetteville Town Square on September 1, 2022.

Lady+ Hell

Lady+ Hell is a collaborative risograph publication that invites female & non-binary artists to react to the Dobbs decision and explore what it means to live in a post-Roe-world. Using the farmer’s almanac and Riot Grrrl zines as inspiration, this publication will give space for artists to react to the current climate. Contributing Artists In […]