Cosmic Enchilada Print Series

This body of work explores the concept of the energy of life, the cosmos and how we are all connected by the smallest of molecules. Everything is made up of the same building blocks that come from star stuff.  Mainly focusing on an origin story, most of the pieces in this body of work construct […]

Energy & Constraint

An exploration of energy and rest which utilizes wood as both a bold mass and a flexible linear element. The string which is tied around various points of the work constrains the chaos.

The Great Cosmic Cat

If the universe had a personality it would be that of a big fat sassy cat. This series of drawings explores the narrative of a huge cat deity having it’s way with it’s planetary surroundings. It grooms itself in zero gravity…


A lasercut woodblock print depicting mother earth sleeping while a cycle of deforestation and gentrification happens on her surface.

Natural Glitches

Natural Glitches is a sculptural installation exploring the structures of viruses, protozoans and their tendency to create glitches within themselves and their surroundings. Starting out as glitches in a 3D-modeling software, these forms were…

Constructing Nature Print Series

Constructing Nature is an abstracted woodblock series about the balance between the natural and constructed worlds. The work utilizes the idea of “building blocks” in reference to…

An Irrepressible Twist Print Series

An Irrepressible Twist is a print series that explores human connection and pokes fun at the seriousness of traditional portraiture through the use of repetition, humor and process. This is achieved by focusing imagery on a singular person’s interests such as llamas, corn, or cacti and dramatically changing the scale. These monotypes were created by combining intaglio collagraphs with lithography or relief techniques to create unique textures, color combinations…

Alternative Geologies Print Series

Rocks hold slices of time. They are a historical record of events that go further back than our oldest civilizations, and they have experienced planetary changes…

Constructed Collections Print Series

This series explores fragmentation and the ideas associated with a collection. By breaking my intaglio printmaking plates into fragments and organizing them into a composition reminiscent of a collection; specimens emerge, fracture, and visually undergo the beginning stages of sedimentation.

Alternate Landscape Collective Installation

This installation of prints and collages started by exploring the deconstruction and reconstruction of environments. By breaking my printmaking plates into fragments and collaging them with found objects…