Futuristic Landscape Propositions

The year is 2213. Earth is no longer habitable due to the long lasting effects of climate change. Humans have always been an eroding force, physically shaping the landscape to retrieve precious remnants held deep within the planets crust. This eroding tendency is still present as humans are in search of a new home, one that blurs and transplants traditional Earth landscapes with alien digital worlds. My most recent work reimagines landscape in response to this climate-change world. I use vibrant colors, swooping smooth strokes, isolation, and the glitch to reflect on this future where humanity is trying to rebuild Earth-like nature from scratch.

My landscape propositions are not solutions or practical blueprints. Instead they function as aesthetic experiences that place the definition of landscape and how we examine the environment as a larger system through an ecological blend of the virtual and physical realms. Landscape itself is an evolving word that implicates human interaction and intervention with nature. It encompasses curation, dissection, and destruction. It is connected to our psyche, language and history and is both where we come from, yet somewhere where we are now culturally disconnected from due to the effects of the Anthropocene. The constantly changing nature of landscape is why the hybrid of the physical and digital is prominent within my propositions. It allows me to blend both found and imagined landscape with an ever-evolving cybernetic approach.