Weather Permitting

Weather Permitting is an exhibition of objects and printed matter, primarily in the form of publications that examine my relationship to nature and the idea of nature as both sanctuary and armor.  At a young age, my parents would take my on a hike every Sunday instead of going to church. The hikes acted as a weekly pilgrimage deep into the woods and a ritual instilling the idea of nature being a place of spiritual refuge and retreat. A sanctuary—of course, weather permitting.

As I grew up and experienced hardship, my first instinct has always been to go hide in the woods. Through publication and installation, I use landscape theory, deep ecology, ecofeminist themes and modes of disruption such as the glitch to share personal narratives. These publications wander through the strain of personal experience, the ephemeral and nature’s role in day-to-day life. To create these publications, I have been hiking, researching the effects of climate change, creating my own archives and utilizing the University of Arkansas Special Collections. Hiking and being in nature is a very important part of my studio practice where I recharge, observe, and remember why these publications need to exist.


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