Landscape Cultivation

This selection of risographs, screenprints, and archival digital prints form the foundation of a post-anthropocene narrative in which humans rebuild nature in the aftermath of the climate collapse.

Future Artifacts

My work is an archive of objects and printed matter for a post-climate change world. Using specimen logic, landscape theory, isolation, and the glitch to reflect on this future, I question the definition of landscape and how we examine the environment as a larger system. This work calls attention to the barren aftermath of the environmental crisis we now find ourselves in and are destined to face.

Weather Permitting Publications

  Nature has been a spiritual refuge for me to retreat to when I was at my most vulnerable. Many of the publications explore this relationship through narrative, landscape, and the symbolism of the hand.   Lend me a hand WANDER Lost Peel Back I’m in a symbiotic Relationship With my Garden Reclaiming my bed […]