Biophilia: A Mixed-Media Exhibition

Mixed Media artists Acadia Kandora and Caliph Greene will be exhibiting in the Phaze 2 Gallery with an opening reception will be April 14th and an artist talk at 5:00pm. This showcase will be available for public view on both Friday, the day of the reception, and Monday, April 17th. Both Greene and Kandora are graduating seniors at Shepherd University. In this joint show each artist builds upon the theme of Biophilia. This is a hypothesis suggesting that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature from within their constructed world.

Caliph Greene’s large scale paintings explores organic abstraction while forcefully addressing the disruptive conversation between nature and the structural conventions of mankind. Through plant life, construction sites, and storm systems, he interprets various degrees of transformative growth. Greene invites nature to co-author each painting by allowing rain and chance to dictate the forms of each biomorphic shape. A sense of relentless discord is found in his choice of materials ranging from household products to oil paints, gesso, salt, liquid dyes, and threads.

Acadia Kandora uses a subtractive digital engraving process to create energetic compositions and structures made from repetitive patterns in the format of large and small scale prints. The repetitive patterns utilize the idea of “building blocks” in reference to living or natural materials such as honeycombs or crystals emphasized by the use of bold color. These patterns are countered by and integrated into imagery of technology and industry. Through a combination of collage, traditional technique and digital fabrication she is able to extend the reach of relief printmaking which is in itself a process of building one layer on top of another. This technical and process oriented approach is something that she sees as integral in both the aesthetic and conceptual assertions in her final compositions. Refreshments will be provided.