Future Artifacts

My work is an archive of objects and printed matter for a post-climate change world. Using specimen logic, landscape theory, isolation, and the glitch to reflect on this future, I question the definition of landscape and how we examine the environment as a larger system. This work calls attention to the barren aftermath of the environmental crisis we now find ourselves in and are destined to face.

Selected Weather Permitting Publications

  Nature has been a spiritual refuge for me to retreat to when I was at my most vulnerable. Many of the publications explore this relationship through narrative, landscape, and the symbolism of the hand.   Lend me a hand WANDER Lost Peel Back I’m in a symbiotic Relationship With my Garden Reclaiming my bed […]

Weather Permitting Exhibition

Weather Permitting is an exhibition of objects and printed matter, primarily in the form of publications that examine my relationship to nature and the idea of nature as both sanctuary and armor.  At a young age, my parents would take my on a hike every Sunday instead of going to church. The hikes acted as […]

Lady+ Hell

Lady+ Hell is a collaborative risograph publication that invites female & non-binary artists to react to the Dobbs decision and explore what it means to live in a post-Roe-world. Using the farmer’s almanac and Riot Grrrl zines as inspiration, this publication will give space for artists to react to the current climate. Contributing Artists In […]