Cosmic Enchilada Print Series

This body of work explores the concept of the energy of life, the cosmos and how we are all connected by the smallest of molecules. Everything is made up of the same building blocks that come from star stuff.  Mainly focusing on an origin story, most of the pieces in this body of work construct a narrative about a meteorite that crashes into the primordial ooze of a barren planet, and shortly after life begins to emerge.  I use abstracted imagery of water, celestial beings, plant forms, and unique structures which blur the lines between organic and inorganic. The main pieces of the narrative are a contemporary spin on cave paintings. For these pieces I made linocuts and applied watercolor in a graphic style on top. Other pieces in the series were about how organic and inorganic entities share the same roots and the endless strings of connections between us and our world. As the series progressed, I became more experimental and utilized more of a collagraph process.  This variety of technique and growth return back to that idea that the universe is diverse, and ever-changing.